2010 Alhambra Poetry Calendar

Edited by Shafiq Naz

A surprise-desk calendar and a poetry anthology in one, Alhambra Poetry Calendar 2010 contains 365 poems by more than 320 poets. Meant for your desktop or bedside table, the calendar showcases work by some of the best British and American poets from the 14th to the 21st century. You ll rediscover many of your favorite classics in English poetry, and welcome an introduction to the most exciting work by well established as well as new and emerging poets.

Here you will find poems about love and passion, family and friendship, happiness and loss, birth and death, youth and aging, the natural world and the contemporary city life, and poems to celebrate occasions. The collection is edited in such a way as to present the best and the most eclectic in classic and contemporary poetry. Encompassing a wide range of poets and poetic styles, the calendar also exhibits changes in poetic forms and the evolution of the English language in poetry.

The works in the Poetry Calendar, as diverse and distinctive a gathering of voices as can be imagined, offer a way to begin each day newly awakened, newly convinced that words are not the end of thought, they are where it begins. —Jane Hirschfield